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MyTEAM has some new changes with the most notable

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    January 16, 2023

    Re-visiting the latest edition of 2K23 it was a 2K23 MT pleasant experience, with pleasant surprises and some frustrating findings too. Some changes were made to enhance the game -similar to MyTEAMhowever, there are some elements that don't seem to get the point.Coming in to the most recent edition of 2K23 you will find nice surprises as well as some disconcerting results as well. There were some adjustments made to enhance the game- like in MyTEAM -but there were also some aspects that don't seem to get the purpose.

    What I first did once I started the game was immediately go to career mode, and begin to build my own player. Some aspects of this process have been altered and improved in that they limit the potential of skill points as well as the comparison of what type players you've created.As opposed to the last session I had, you are now able to pick the team you'd like to go to.To force Anthony Davis to play center I built an athletic power forward who could dunk everything, grasp boards, and protect the rim . He then joined the Lakers.

    Your first game comes in one of the championships in the Las Vegas Summer League and the performance you show there is a factor in determining your first role in your regular season.Kendrick Nunn played for the Summer League alongside me, which is not a realistic scenario purely because Nunn never plays for the Lakers and has no other reason. I took the win and was awarded a place in the rotation moving forward.

    This is the point where things start to look odd. There's a cap of only being a sixth player to leave the game. That means you might score 70 points in the game and you won't be considered a player. It also serves as the basis for the rivalry between you and "Shep," a player taken one spot below yourself in the draft.There storyline involved in career mode is the reason for much of what you are able to or cannot do.You could continue averaging 70 points per game until you begin the season, but Kendrick Perkins is bound to refer to you as hot trash, literally.

    That's the reason why I'm having a problem is with the career-oriented mode. I was eager to get involved and play games and I was required to speak to JJ Redick, and Perkins or figure out how I could triumph over the city regardless of what I'm doing on the court.I did not however, scoring 70 points and did not do well in my first game. Lakers Twitter would have absolutely killed me.

    So, I did what Damian Lillard is too afraid to do, ran from the grind and used VC to enhance my playing. It became more enjoyable to play games playing Ronnie 2K and singing to randoms.The integration of the career and city mode was a brilliant decision, making multiple modes more accessible as well as bringing a great open-world aspect to the game as well.

    MyTEAM has some new changes with the most notable being the new Clutch Time mode. It's like something in between the quickness that comes with Triple Threat mode and a full Domination game, for instance. This is a single quarter in the game mode, which also includes a four-point line Cheap MT 2K23 . Have I lost several games due to my inability to shoot 4 pointers? No comment.