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I believe the enthusiasm for Classic

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    Jan 2

    I'm sure one thing I'd like to mention is that there's been WOW WOTLK Classic Gold some recent media coverage of games that we haven't moved forward on, however internally, it is known that 50 percent of games we begin actually are not completed.

    So the fact that we're not making progress on this game or on that game is a sign that Blizzard is operating as usual. I would say that for the majority of games we've launched haven't been released for reasons of some kind the majority of people don't even recognize their names outside of Blizzard. The games don't get much interest.

    This is a part of normal Blizzard being Blizzard honestly, as we review games and determine which games will advance and which ones aren't going to advance. I'm a big StarCraft fan , personally, and therefore I am looking forward to the future games that will be part of the StarCraft universe. However, I believe it's an integral part in the process of creating. The creative process isn't linear. It's extremely tangled.

    Fans are looking for to see more StarCraft games. I'm a huge fan and would like to see more StarCraft games. Fans would like to see to see more World of Warcraft games. I'm a huge fan and would like to see more World of Warcraft games. Fans are looking for new IPs, me too.

    Last question, in light of the popularity in World of Warcraft and now of Classic do you have any plans to look into consoles for World of Warcraft ? When it first launched, there weren't many successful MMOs for consoles, but today we have World of Warcraft V and a handful of other. It's the perfect moment to explore this possibility. Are you looking to explore?

    That's a good question. For me, when we talk about games, the camera and controls are really for me the most important aspect of any kind game experience. What cameras are they? What controls are there? If I think of World of Warcraft , it was designed specifically for the mouse and keyboard experience.

    So, if you consider the amount of abilities you possess--as in you have 50 abilities at level 60. if you consider the amount of items you have in an inventory of and how the UI operates, it was designed for an experience that is based on keyboards.

    I believe the enthusiasm for Classic and the enthusiasm for different platforms to play WoW indicates that people are curious about the world, people are intrigued by the game. We've been discussing this frequently for over 10 years. Personally, I believe that If we were to create an effort in which we simplified the class and also trimmed down some of the capabilities and reworked a part of the way that inventory functions, I can imagine it working. It's  buy WOTLK Gold definitely somewhat of a new game, isn't it?