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Aluminum chain link curtain Manufacturer

  • Jan 8

    Aluminum chain link curtain with its Durable, Light, Non-rust, prevent bug, versatility, unique texture, variety of bright colors, and Elegant Decoration, are mainly used as curtains,isolation wall, windows screen and has been more used by designer in the interior design.To get more news about aluminum chain curtain, you can visit official website.
    Where aluminum chain link curtain used?
    Room dividers.
    Not only achieve multiple functional zones but also makes the space seem even bigger.
    Window screens.
    It is not necessary to close the window to block insects. Window screens only provide the way of fresh air and light not the flying insects.
    Doorway screens.
    Chain link screens are often used in shopping doorways where the traffic is usually heavy. But it is not suitable for trolleys and other vehicles.
    Description of aluminum chain link curtain:
    Material: aluminum;
    Hook size: 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/4”;
    Overall size: as requested;
    Color: Silvery.
    Aluminum chain link curtain can be installed on the ceilings with aluminum alloy track and pulley with chain, the track can be fixed on the ceiling wall, the pulley can make the metal drapery move easily and the chain can control the pulley. Usually our woven metal fabric has 1.5 times or 2 times overlap, when the mesh is hung, it can be show into a wave shape and make the curtain beautiful.
    As to the track, we have two kinds of tracks, one is straight type, the pulley only can be moved straight; the other is bent track; the track can be bent into any shape according to your building shape.
    A doorway curtain is easy to install. It can be used as a temporary screen for blocking insects in the summer.