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    Oxygen Mask Mould-Material Structure Of Oxygen Mask

    The cover, catheter, gas source connector and oxygen bag of the product are made of polyvinyl chloride material, and the adjustment module, transition joint and breathing valve are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS) material....  more
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    Needleless Injection Site -About Needleless Connector

    The needleless connector is an integral part of the IV therapy delivery system and is safe for healthcare professionals. However, a needleless connector with the most functions to reduce the risk of contamination must be used. After selecting a...  more
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    Medical Mould-Injection Moulding Mould Structure Composition

    The structural composition of the injection moulding mould can be divided into the following parts: moulding part, mould clamping guide part, product ejection part, core extraction part, heating and cooling part of the mould body, supporting part of the...  more
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    Vaginal Speculum Mould-Vaginal Speculum Therapy: What Role?

    Vaginal Speculum are tubular devices used to stretch the vagina. They are usually made of plastic and come with kits of various sizes. You can get the kit at the clinic or you can buy it yourself. The kit includes expanders of different sizes. It is...  more
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    Oxygen Mask Mould-Technical Specifications Of Oxygen Mask

    What are the technical indicators of oxygen masks? Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. explained:

    An oxygen mask is a device that transfers oxygen from a storage tank to the lungs of the human body. There are mainly medical oxygen masks and civil aviation...  more
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