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    Hence, The G.O.A.T. Boat offers a variety of layouts on three decks which include: The Game Room and the Promenade are also now combined into one level in The G.O.A.T. Boat, which should help players save some jogging time.There's many new features...  more
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    Playing Now online matches- Every game that you participate on the Play Now online match will give you 400 VC and, if you're lucky enough to win you'll also earn extra VC.NBA 2KTV- Simply answering trivia questions on NBA2KTV can earn you VC. Although...  more
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    There are some reports that Pickett could appear arrogant, which will cause teams to pauseparticularly when you consider that his main areas for improvement be in how he views and responds to pressure. It's not a doubt that he'll receive lots of stern...  more
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    Blizzard has also made mention of general bugs, fixes to balanced classes, pet battles and changes to player versus game. For more information, head for the World of Warcraft website.
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    The defensive and physical abilities of Kessie are incredible along with the rest his stats being very impressive too. So, any team that requires an effective DM will be pretty well served with Kessie's presence in the team.
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    Your first match is Finals Day of the Las Vegas Summer League and the performance you show there can determine your initial role in everyday season.Kendrick Nunn took part at the Summer League alongside me, that's not true, mainly because Nunn never...  more
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