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WOTLK Classic: I think when the story is appropriate

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    Jan 1

    One thing that is fascinating and also included in WOW WOTLK Classic Gold this patch is these Class Orders. The Class Orders form an integral part of "Why we'll succeed where before we were unsuccessful." To your point, a lot of times with those Class Orders, we do visit the other locations. Then, with the Monk class order in this patch, players will have be able to go back to Stormstout Brewery. They are fantastic opportunities to spread players out to remind them the vastness and vitality of this world is and you will see the development towards "Oh that the Legion has actually been spreading their tendrils around a bit."

    The RS: Yes, it's a little better to focus on the players who are going away from their homes to these different areas of Azeroth rather than having this spread all the time. It's to enhance the game experience more than anything else.

    Have you thought about providing players from different classes the possibility of being able to, at a minimum, visit these Order Halls for different Classes? Not necessarily to be part of them but at least to see that games in-game, in Halls different from their primary Class (particularly for players who are more casual similar to me).

    RS: I think when the story is appropriate, we've allowed that some times Death Knights in the Paladin Order Hall I'd say "visited" very loosely. It was more intense than a trip [laughs"visited. But to me, coming as an active player, I'm sort of playing more than as a developer That's part of the charm of them. and a part of what draws me to the Order Halls is the fact that there is something out there that's not for me. It's like it's unique to that Class. I've in person and on the internet met characters of various Classes, simply to visit them.

    As we've been going through the development of Legion we've also sought to make it easier for alt players. That's why we've created Artifact catch-up mechanics as well as updating to the Legendary system, and offering account the ability to earn level achievements in things like The Suramar dungeons, so once you've gotten them on one character, you are able to use them on another. Once you've completed the second part of Pathfinder and are able to fly, all your characters on your account can fly. Therefore, we're trying facilitate the entry point; make it friendlier for Alts. This will allow you to cheap WOTLK Gold be able to enter the Order Halls naturally, if you make an Alt.