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Miles Bridges' 2K status just took up a step

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    March 18, 2020

    The NBA 2K20 ratings update was released and Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard was launched to the level. Lillard averaged 34 points per game in NBA 2K MT January and 30 per night so far. Lillard will not miss time as he's listed as daily once the season resumes while there is a groin injury keeping him out of the Three-Point Shootout, and the All-Star Game.

    Still, 2K is rewarding Lillard's fantastic season with a ratings increase. Lillard is rated a 94 overall that makes him the seventh participant in the game. Though Lillard rose into a 94 overall, his two-point increase isn't the largest in the most recent upgrade. That distinction belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves' Jordan McLaughlin. The 5'11" rookie from USC has averaged 10 points and 5 assists per game in February. His rating climbed four points from a 67 overall.

    Wilson Chandler and josh Jackson took the dip as both dropped three points. The New Orleans Pelicans' star now has an 84 overall score which is easily justifiable considering he has averaged 21 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in only 27 minutes of action per night.

    Miles Bridges' 2K status just took up a step. On Friday night in Chicago, the Charlotte Hornets' Bridges took home the MVP of the Rising Stars match. 151-131 within the World team, a mad second-half comeback that saw the USA team rally from a 10-point halftime deficit to win going away was led by bridges. Bridges had 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists to earn the MVP honors. This threw down.

    As a result of his standout performance, Bridges was given a brand new Diamond Moments card for NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode.The brand new addition is instantly among the best Diamonds accessible for Triple Threat Online. In addition to 24 Hall-of-Fame, and 19 Gold badges (including Clamps), the Diamond Bridges is also outfitted with a 91 three-point score, and a 98 driving dip. On Buy NBA 2K21 MT the downside, he's a 6'6" power forwards, making it hard to play with him in Unlimited. However, he should be a powerful addition to TTO.