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ERC20 Token Development

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    April 7, 2021 6:13 AM PDT

    We all know that Ethereum is the second-largest Blockchain. It allows many Blockchain developers to develop and launch Dapps. Also, Ethereum still stays the largest Blockchain to create Crypto tokens. As it is the most reliable Blockchain and efficient to create and deploy tokens. ERC20 and ERC721 are the two token standards that are preferred by many crypto people.

    ERC20 - Fungible Ethereum token standard

    Almost 70% of the crypto tokens in the crypto space is ERC20 token standard. Its fungibility factor attracts many entrepreneurs to create this particular standard.

    • Efficient transaction handling
    • fast and uniform transaction
    • less risk in contract breaking
    • Interaction occurs fast and efficient

    These are the advantages and benefits of creating ERC20 tokens.

    ERC721 non-fungible Ethreum token standard

    You could've heard about the terms Crypto art and NFT's. It all started with crypto kitties. Crypto kitties are ERC721 based token and It is now what it is. If you want to back an asset as a token with a unique value, you can opt for this token standard.

    So, How to create ERC20 tokens?

    There are many open sources available out there on the internet to create ERC20 tokens. Finding the reliable one is quite a tedious job. After that, you'll have to set the six basic information of your token like token name, the number of tokens, the value of the transaction and a few. Then you need to write the smart contract for your business requirement.

    For creating, you need to pay little ether to mine ERC20 tokens. Then you'll also be needing a wallet to store the mined Crypto tokens. Well, It is Quite a complex process. To get the best outcomes, Reach out to a leading ERC20 token development company to create ERC20 tokens at affordable costs.

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