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Ford is a big deal in Rocket League given

  • April 6, 2021 8:34 PM PDT

    It wouldn’t absolutely be a lot of a Rocket League occasion if there weren’t also perks for gamers at home. In this case, the perks come within the form of Rocket League Credits a new package deal that’s coming to the store. You’ll have the ability to shop for it in it’s own tab within the item keep. Watch out although. It won’t be available after February twenty eighth.

    You should buy the Ford F-150 bundle after the twentieth of February. You’ll get engine audio, SE and FE Wheels, a Ford F-150 RLKE Boost, a player banner, and a boss decal. It’ll set you returned 1500 credits.

    Obviously, Ford is a big deal in Rocket League given their on-going partnership – and that extends LOLGA beyond what we simply told you approximately. Ford is the principle sponsor for all RLCS X Winter Majors, which incorporates the South American Regional Major beginning this weekend as properly. In other words, you’ll be seeing Ford’s pretty plenty – specially the Ford F-150 that’ll feature so prominently in the game at the moment.