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Guild Wars 1 "could last forever"

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    February 22, 2021 10:08 PM PST

    The original Guild Wars came out in 2005. By MMO standards, it's ancient. Two developers took it upon themselves to keep the game alive, and in the process figured out how to make it better than it had been before. Preserving old games is a huge challenge in 2018, the year of the endless media avalanche. Doing so for massively multiplayer games whose best days are long behind them, though? That’s an entirely different sort of undertaking—less of an autopsy and more of a series of emergency surgeries on an elderly patient.


    In 2008 May, classic Guild Wars 1 has gotten its first real update in the years since going into maintenance mode. The update follows player feedback and requests in the original game's recent AMA, which apparently took even ArenaNet by surprise. The patch notes tell the story: It's primarily a graphics settings update, but it makes a huge difference to the 2005 MMORPG. In addition to getting better window support and improved anti-aliasing options, the game now a level of detail toggle setting that makes the distant world look gorgeous.


    The original Guild Wars was a fantasy MMO made in the Tyria world and released by NCSoft in 2005. It was replaced by the sequel Guild Wars 2 in 2012. Many Guild Wars 2 items continue the name of gw1, like guild wars ectoGuild Wars 1 is not dead, but it was half a decade ago, after ArenaNet automated its maintenance in 2013. Despite this, a small dedicated core continued to guild and war, but eventually the demise of time took its toll. Guild Wars might have been superseded by Guild Wars 2, but the original online RPG game’s still going strong. When its 15th anniversary, to celebrate, besides the existing gw gold, the devs had launched an update packed with shiny new weapons, in-game goodies, and more.


    As announced in a post on its sequel’s site, the event kicked off on April 22, and brings an anniversary weapon set “containing weapons with familiar looks but previously unavailable attribute requirements”. There was also a ‘Proof of Triumph’ relic that can let you face extra enemy groups and bosses to acquire a brand-new, PvE-only elite skill for each profession. Plus, the event marked the start of some Guild Wars store sales on “outfits, upgrades, storage, and more”. In addition, guild wars gold which like gw ecto still play the important role in-game


    There are still people playing famed eight-year-old MMO Guild Wars 1, and developer ArenaNet has no intention of abandoning them. "The game itself was so efficient on the server-side in terms of the resources, like, it runs on a fraction of the hardware that we need for running Guild Wars 2, so having that on the back-burner is nothing compared to GW2. There's still a community there that's really passionate and really thriving in there, so we want to support them as best we can”, lead content designer Mike Zadorojny said.