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    August 10, 2020 9:54 AM PDT

    The popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges is growing steadily, yet many don’t know what it is and what it does., So, let us educate ourselves about the platforms that enable the exchange for crypto users. P2P crypto exchange offer numerous benefits to the users through blockchain and its features, thereby facilitating seamless exchanges of cryptocurrencies.


     What is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange?

    P2P cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptos or fiat(real-time currency like dollars/euros). It facilitates direct exchange without any intermediaries.

     What purpose does it serve?

    P2P exchanges were developed to tackle multiple issues faced by users in using the cryptocurrencies. Some of the primary reasons were,

    • Bridging the cryptocurrencies with the real-world economy.
    • Expanding the market for similar services.
    • Reducing the expenses on human resources.
    • Implementing a decentralized approach.

     How do P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms function?

    Parties involved in the trade are the buyers and sellers. Exchanges are facilitated by a public order book and matchmaking algorithms.

    1. Sellers place ‘sale orders’ on the order book that can be viewed publicly.
    2. Buyers seeking to acquire cryptocurrencies search the order book for satisfactory orders to engage in.
    3. The buyers are also allowed to place ‘buy orders’. 
    4. When matched, the buyer and seller engage in exchanging funds. 
    5. Exchange is governed by smart contracts that oversee the protocols and end-to-end transactions.
    6. Successful transactions are recorded as entries in distributed ledgers.

     Benefits offered:

    • P2P cryptocurrency exchanges offer a decentralized approach through distributed ledgers. 
    • They provide reliable traceability of transactions.
    • Transparency in trade is promoted by publicly distributed ledgers.
    • Smart contracts automate the transactions. 
    • Prompt contingencies are also offered by smart contracts.

    Overall, these platforms enable users to exchange cryptocurrencies and utilize their full capacity in the real world.

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    January 27, 2021 3:01 AM PST

    Cryptocurrency has grown to the top level which can’t be ignored. The safe and secure features in crypto transactions make the payment process more feasible. Presently, startups and entrepreneurs prefer to start the p2p cryptocurrency exchange business. Before starting a business, you must know about what is p2p crypto exchange, how it works, the features and benefits of p2p crypto exchange software, the cost to develop p2p crypto exchange, where to develop p2p crypto exchange.


    Check it out. Here’s the complete guide about P2P crypto exchange development. This will help you to develop your own P2P crypto exchange platform.


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    February 17, 2021 3:04 AM PST

    In recent days, many crypto investors are using p2p exchange, you know why??? The user or trader directly exchanges their digital asset by the name of buy & sell order. As the buy order and sell orders are placed based on the mutual interest the execution of trade is done within a short span of time. 

    So the crypto enthusiasts are also interested in launching their own crypto exchange platform, but they don’t know how to start??? I've a simple road map to kickstart your P2P exchange, check it given below.

    Simple Roadmap to Start a P2P Crypto Exchange:

    1. Obtain proper legal counsel to ensure licensing requirements are met.
    1. Attain funding for the venture. 
    1. Find the best cryptocurrency exchange script provider.
    1. Connect your exchange with others for added liquidity.
    1. Partner with a payment processor.
    1. Implement best security practices.
    1. Go live via beta testing.
    1. Start marketing & PR campaign.
    1. Offer customer support.

    Hopefully, the above information is helpful to launch your own p2p exchange platform. If you want know more detailed check out this article >>> How to start a bitcoin exchange

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    March 18, 2021 8:25 AM PDT