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When battling Jad in the TzHaar minigame

    March 9, 2021

    The ore you mined. A stone, Rock. Within 60 seconds, the rock will come back so you have to acquire the 5 items quickly. It might get you more gems and much more ores, readily. The second random event will allow you to bank. When you've mined the RS gold ore, then a Dwarf will come from the stone ("Octagon Member") and inquire if you'd like your ores accepted to the bank. If you say , he'll offer you 1 last opportunity and then be off to another rock.

    If you say yes, then he will take all the ores on your stock to the bank. Don't even listen to us!") Then throw a rock at you. He'll run into a different stone. These are favorable random events which can help you, if you'd like them to. If an Octagon Member meets a macro, then they could lose their pickaxe and be kicked in the shin!

    I was thinking, Mine Blurite, Smelt it, smith it into blurite armor. This armor could be like start, as a prayer armor, but non-tradeable, and need 8 smithing for the bar smelting, 9-25? Smithing into smith every thing. This armor would be light weight, not as heavy as black or steel, and requires 30 prayer to wear, and the Knight's Sword Quest completed to make/wear it. Since it is non-tradeable, such as blurite. You can't smith the blurite sword unless you have 2 iron bars, 1 blurite ore, 1k, Knight's Sword Quest done, and You must go up to Thrugo and ask for him to smith it. You also need to have 25 smithing. I thought that this out quite a little.These leggings give great assault bonuses (Will explain further on) Gloves of Fenkenstein (30% chance)- These gloves were actually the skin from Fenkensteins palms crafted to a glove styling. These give rangers excellent precision (Will explain further on)

    Undead Crown- These provide the capacity to utilize the"Ghastly Knight" prayer at level 20 when worn. The"Ghastly Knight" prayer gives you a fight suit for seven minutes which makes you cool, allowing you to attack and consume unharmed. Additionally, it doesnt work past 25 wilderness, just to ensure it is not so overpowered.

    When battling Jad in the cheap OSRS gold TzHaar minigame, this just reduces his hits by 75% instead of completely blocking them throughout the seven minutes. Ghastly Tunic- These give 13+ into the magical stat. They provide 13+ range immunity in the defence stat. Skeletal Platelegs- These give 3+ to slash, stab, and crush stats. They provide 13+ magic resistance in the defence stat. Gloves of Fenkenstein- These give 13+ to the range attack stat. The thought dawned upon me as I had been going through and reading some ideas which were talking about stopping the macroers but had been falling type of brief. This thought here will end up being a bit more advanced and quite a step a head of the match. Here it is in brief detail: