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It's enjoyable to see how absurd you is to break the game

    November 26, 2020

    If by permanent leagues you mean leaving this server up forever, then yeah that's not a good idea imo. However if they reset the trailblazer league every 3 weeks until the RS gold next league is released, I think that'd be fun.Any game which introduces some fun stuff that turns you inside a shiny golden god instantly makes the sport seem hilarious and more pleasurable.

    It's enjoyable to see how absurd you is to break the game. Do stuff you never thought you can do.

    You Should Be blackpilled pretty bad on OSRS

    Dunleagues is enjoyable because the electron trickle is near continuous and its profitable to tryhard. I would never bother with EHP coaching in the main game because the hours in between level ups is so far and few in between. In leagues you may play it AFK by simply taking draining strikes and essentially afking every PVM non boss job, or you could tryhard and spec out supervisors along with ornate.

    I disagree. Imo TL is only better equipped. The systems they add (map unlocks, relics, no GE) personalize account progression & enable several"optimum" /"meta" trajectories through the game.

    The most important problem OSRS has is that it is (efficiently ) an aggressive single player game with a rigid global meta and mechanisms for players to exchange USD for best in slot equipment.

    I didn't say the sole reason TL is fun is because of its relative speed compared to primary game. That is a huge part of it however; TL does not and debatably could not exist in a vacuum.

    I think every game style has it's location -- chief game enables you to do things in which you desire, TL let's you perform them when you would like. They work together nicely and I like things the way they are.

    An aggressive skilling scene wouldn't exist if it were not for the comparatively slow xp prices and difficulty in progressing your character to ascend. Fully finishing the cheap RuneScape gold game would not be that much of an achievement if no true dedication, endurance and time were needed .