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  • Personally, this image and the dozens of other private attempts I've made which are similar to this, and also the stuff my friends have undergone are only proof to me that the Affixing system is honestly busted. The chances of the picture occurring 1 time let alone 3 times in a row are so stupidly low that it is very tough for me to not be totally skeptical of the Affixing system. I've had 1 of those moments occur soon, but I think the worst I have had (which obviously is more understandable due to the rates), was failing 4, then 3, then 4 from 7 abilities when upslotting a Ray weapon from 6 to 7... On increase week.

    Personally I also wish they'd buff Crack IV Returner IV, and Lesser Power V rates by 10%, although upslotting at minimum requires a buff. Nothing like dropping 4500 excubes simply to come out with broken garbage from bad fortune. It keeps me after seeing what my friends have dealt with from attempting it. Personally I hope that they add more protection things that are slot. THAT would be a great change.

    I think they uncensored it, because I logged in not too long ago and noticed the elin outfits were back to thongs rather than shorts that are short. But I believe Elins have the whole"not human" excuse, whilst PSO2 has the capability to create explicitly-human and more realistic ratio children/teens. For many countries such as Canada, that would be a problem for the costumes that are intense. Because lolicon is illegal here and possession of raunchy-enough underage anime girls can land you in jail (I'm really very anti-lolicon but even I was held in an airport as a result of my friend sending me a topless loli image of that woman from NGNL on Facebook which auto-saved to my phone. They just introduced me after realizing my laptop and telephone was filled with adult anime men and yaoi lol).

    Frankly, if they got rid of the sexier male costumes like the speedo or fundoshi and also the 3 thigh-highs that males could wear (which are collab or contest and not ensured in English PSO2), I would also be upset, but I can understand if they don't want it to occur with kid characters.But would prefer they just made the height limit not as short (like perhaps 5'2" minimal which could pass for average Japanese female mature, and I state this as I am 4'11" irl but don't appreciate lolicon using me as example of lolicon-denial), or possibly set that height limit for only those more sexualized costumes, instead of removing costumes, if they needed to censor in any way. I can't expect them to do it because that would be too much work for them.

    By"All the articles" I'm pretty sure that means Phantasy Star Online 2play mechanics, classes, level cap, movable accessories but not cosmestics. PSO2 has to possess over 100 scratch banner ads over 7 years (including ep5 onwards' layered clothing). There's no way they will release it. We are most likely going to view scratch banners collectively over the weeks to ge as possible. Releasing all at once or even scratch banners together creates another problem: inflated player markets. The more scratch banners you will find, the less of the identical item would be marketed in the player market, which might easily lead to inflated price (speaking from SEA server experience.

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  • 4/1/20 at 1:00 AM -
    4/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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The more scratch banners you will find


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