Many other people offered me matters such as iron 2hs.

  • PLease do not place something like 1-50 for range minotaurs as someone on youtube did this (It was a manual to 99 range. :/) I need these areas to OSRS gold be a place that I will level quickly with. What armor should I wear? Remember this is F2P. My current bank is around 150K thanks to some man or woman who gave me 200K and 56K values of raw/cooked food (all kinds but mostly or all raw food) when I said"purchasing raw food". I had been up in the lumbridge castle with my new account burning the log spawns. This got me to 20 FMing.

    Many other people offered me matters such as iron 2hs. (people cleaning banks out and giving me random shizzle) along with other stuff. This guy in Varrock big bank gave me 13 bronze arrows with 8 pine logs along with a few other random stuff. When you men were noobs, did people ever assist you? Like by giving money or showing you about or becoming a lifelong friend? I left my account 2 weeks before, so am I safe? Last thing,do you guys have sisters or brothers who randomly come and do some thing or whom you trust and let em wc or something when you're gone to the bath or something.I know this is bannable, but should you trust em... and should they just pop up and flip the screen what exactly are you going to do?

    I perform 5 hours a weekend so keep this in mind when committing time. Money isn't actually a problem for anything. I learned that in the event that you would like to make money, you have to work for it... no begging or asking. Just skill as it pertains! However , if someone were to give me like 10M... I might take it. I do feel better when I do something and that I manage to achieve my goal. If a person were to give you enjoy 10M would you choose it?

    Begging doesn't count. If the money was given to train a skill (I.e get chaos ). Just random cash because of friend ship or enjoyable. I'd 50M once but this was because... dicing/RWTed 9M/botted on a different account then transfered money for my chief. I felt so awful that I was going to kill myself then Mic and Jake saved me. :P I decided to stop my account that I had worked extremely hard on and made an accounts which... will be 100% legit. The botting was completed because people at school persuaded me to do it. Now as I grow up I understand to be completley honest. And it seems all of Old School RuneScape Gold my RS friends are eally pround of me for shifting especially Tcmp3 and Jake.