I'll throw in my two cents for Construction.

  • If you are host, 55x2 is better chances because dice dueling is 50/50, even though you can make bank from OSRS gold big pots between two individuals. 2B+, nope, you can't join any atm. Okay. H rolls . When it's 60- afterward, H transactions Player A 200K, (therefore the'x2' in'60x2'). H are trusted because they have to pay for their position (10B+), therefore scamming people for like 500k there is no point. Nope, uncertainty people even dice much in F2P. That's why you go to reputable MEMBER clans, though, regrettably it's 1M+ min to bet there.

    At this time I am trying to raise all of my abilities to at least 60 so that I won't be so nooby anymore. Im trying to figure out how to train every ability. Any suggestions? Also, how much would all of this price and about how long could it take? Right now I'm working on fletching and thus don't be concerned about that skill. Im trying to do this to every ten. Example: I would get all skills to 60, then to 70, then to 80, etc.. Thanks!

    I'll throw in my two cents for Construction. Oak Larders + Stealing Creation hammers. Seriously. Construction and unbuilding them got me out of 33-70 in a flash, for the Void Series of quests. I believe that is pretty much the most cost-effective way to do it, also, particularly if you plank-make all your oak logs. I do not remember the level need for Plank Make, however.

    For Agility, I recommend doing the Brimhaven stadium + tickets before 55 so which you can go up to the Wildy, which provides you enjoy 500 xp per run. It doesn't seem like a lot but if you don't pay attention to what you are clicking, you will find yourself increasing those last five levels fairly quickly.

    Smithing, I really did the Artisan's Workshop - but that the ingots downstairs. There's not a lot of clicking included, along with the xp is really consistent. Farming, only plant whatever highest level you have, and then leave. It's that simple. That's about all that I can think of atm. Of course, these are just the methods I've used/would usage, therefore if someone else has a different view, then that's great!Please take someone's advice on this if n0t mine. Because you sir r a genius yes 5% increase from cheap RuneScape gold chiv - piety is obviously worth such as 5-6m unrefundable yes genius idea sir and of course you know about this believing that you have 46 prayer. Yeah actually I have 71 prayer and even if I didn't 5-6% on level 70 stats is just another four levels in each stat, which considering his low stats would be worth 5m, or even without low stats it would be.