Classifieds » Entertainment » It all depends on what you wish to do in Runescape

Classifieds » Entertainment » It all depends on what you wish to do in Runescape

It all depends on what you wish to do in Runescape

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I always suggest waiting till you've finished all f2p abilities because RuneScape gold that means you've got a wonderful start going into associates and a good grasp of the game. You have already done that good job. Most of your abilities are in the 50s and 60s so that is also a plus. Additionally, getting 2m coins is useful too. If I had been you, I would most certainly take action so long as it's not a financial or educational hindrance off the pc.

A couple of tips for new members: If you can teleport to Camelot, do so immediately and walk round w/o using a map for at least a week. With all the new areas to explore and things to do, it will seem like a whole new game. Start down the list of short/east quests. Many reward expertise to give your new members skills a wonderful kick-start. Along with experience benefits, some short/east quests unlock useful abilities and shortcuts. For example, finishing Fishing Contest allows quick and safe access under White Wolf Mountain, that's the area involving Catherby and Taverly.

Alright, so I have decided to really go for 75 structure for the guilded altar, also had a few questions in how to invest my money and time! So first off, is it feasible to create the altar at 69 construction using a crystal saw and tea to your +6 bonus? The guide cites the saw doesn't work on items which don't want a saw- since I am pretty sure you can't viewed granite, does the effect still count? (I'll post the second query in a new article, my mobile evidently won't let me scroll this far down the page...)

I can probably call 2.9m cash for this job. The planks come to 2.35, leaving me 550k to spend. My second issue is, can it be worth hiring a butler to save sawmill excursions? Thing is, I can only play for half an hour a day. Is it so cost efficient to hire a normal butler for this type of playing time? The manual doesn't mention when a butler needs to be compensated, if it is after a day I am just going to go to the sawmill myself, however once every, say three days, it may save a lot of timetime= money. Hoping that you guys can give me guidance on this, as even after reviewing the internet, no manual in life is specific enough for all these queries! Thanks.

Ok, because I am going for 99 construction - Yes, I will confirm it IS expencive. I can not answer fully the issue about the saw though I'd say it wouldn't work because it only generally, like you mentioned, if a saw is necessary. About the Butler. #1, if you're purchasing the planks, you do not require the butler to conduct to the sawmil for you, simply make him to un-note your planks. I find the normal butler the best because he takes 12 seconds to lender. The demon butler takes 6 seconds to bank that's far to buy rs3 gold quick to be effective.