I recall killing a great deal of EVE echoes

  • Why does everyone use google sheets when eve echoes isk shine would procedure this information faster?Man I've been using excel so long I completely forgot it is not free. I was only curious as to why and it makes complete sense thank you.Basically all of the reasons mentioned already and google also has some really wonderful scripting services out there for it's spreadsheets. For instance figuring out the ideal mixture of ores is a intricate optimization problem which requires a lot of linear algebra to solve. Google has some solutions that help a lot with this issue and I really don't think excel has this operation so that it might demand more custom code.

    Excel does, at excel I think. Just is not allowed by default with shine is all.That is true but I do not think excel has a service which exposes that solver when writing custom code to the sheet. You can surely use the solver via the excel interface but this sheet is much more involved and requires a few customized coding.Awesome video and even better show of ability.Massive shout out to everyone involved. We arrived for a fight and wasn't disappointed. GF!It was unquestionably a great time. Regrettably, I dc'ed and when I got back on I was driving a bunny but what a fight to watch.Both sides did seem incredibly respectful and the company was really solid.Thanks for discussing, fantastic stuff!Thank you for your respectfull post. Both sides were epic!This was the most enjoyable I have ever needed in this game.I'm glad I joined The Silent Alliance.Last night, The Silent Alliance battled Golden Horde (along with their allies. I counted at least 10 different alliances).

    It was a massive battle. SHH had between 125-145 individuals. They'd 380+.First, I give Golden Horde huge props. Even after they realized their objective of rescuing the channel, they stayed and fought. This is a testament to good leadership.Also, I want to thank The Silent Alliance. We've had several enormous fights lately, and we continue. We always desired The Silent Alliance to be a PVP first alliance, along with the corporations that connect us do it to the PVP!

    Notable Parts Of The Fight: Golden Horde knew we were arriving and they'd set a gate up camp. We knowingly jumped into it and warped off. We figured we would lose a few folks, and we did. SHH lost 4 ships worth roughly 350m right off the bat. We regrouped. And we warped over to the Station that was going to come off anchoring. We had been severely outnumbered. Our FC crashed. Multiple times. Golden Hordes FC did a great job using the restricted features in the game to attempt and get his fleet ontop of ours.

    Those numbers seem... Odd. I am going to take a peek at our facet of kill mails.I recall killing a great deal of Chinese, however. Didn't get any killing blows though, however they warped right on us and only died instantly.But yeah, if they were not allied with cheap eve isk you then those are naturally not your losses.