I haven't actually bothered with WOW Classic

  • As far as I appreciate what they have done with WOW Classic, I ended up wow classic gold quitting after a few months and trying to return (as an Alliance participant on a PvP server) was utterly hellish I simply can not be bothered to do so. I have played on private servers for many years and that experience has been closer a lot closer to vanilla than WOW Classic has been for me. Really highlights men and women tryhard these days I guess. Leveling was a continuous case of"Are you a Mage so we can AoE farm dungeons? No? Get out", very little to no WPvP which I loved because of layering etc..

    I'm sure WOW Classic TBC won't be like TBC but in my mind till everyone gets their epic flying mounts these zones are a blast to go through and that game still had some of the best MMORPG balance ever. But with how massively skewed numerous WOW Classic servers are, with some economies being controlled, I'd really not want to be on a host with already maxed out WOW players. (Not to mention vanilla tape equipment / R14 gear is actually really good in TBC for quite a while, especially if they don't go using a later itemization patch than TBC launching ).

    I haven't actually bothered with WOW Classic but should they declare a BC server is opening and you can port your WOW Classic character over(also staying about the WOW Classic server just a progression on another server) I would likely make a character. Knowing I continue into Wrath and could reestablish BC again would be amazing. Your mistake picked a PvP server for play that was casual-ish. You know the man from the South Park WoW episode? That guy was the exclusion back in 2005. They were relatively rare, although it was funny because most everyone knew a man like this.

    Those men are legion. Legions upon legions of neckbeards who want nothing more than to camp you. Servers just would be a huge fuck you to of the people playing. I really don't have a issue with Blizzard making some servers when there is enough demand for them, but maybe not upgrading the ones we have got for all my characters would be a huge no-no or supplying transfers. And yes, Naxx and equipment produces a lot of equipment from T4 meaningless, so what, that stuff is actually easy anyhow.

    Not knowing much about it, I would have thought all the raids would be available from the afternoon the server opened. Are they just gating content to replicate it used to roll out? Yes, the various patches in phases roll out to give blizz and people themselves more time to perform the material to more gold on mywowgold. WOW Classic will be"done" 4 weeks back if WOW Classic launched with Naxxramas open already. Blizz utilizes WOW Classic to give people something to do while the growth that is retail rolls out on. Same thing is likely gonna happen with BC a few months following Shadowlands release.