Much of a departure from NBA 2K's mechanic

  • NBA 2K20's variant of MyTeam has a slew of layers, but 2K MT there are still some cool theories that may take the mode to a different degree. In the following guide, I will concentrate only on single-NBA 2K participant concepts that would provide another interesting feature and offer yet another means to make MyTeam points. The majority of these ideas have an NBA All-Star Weekend texture to them, and that's because this component of the NBA experience has been restricted in recent NBA 2K games. MyTeam is the best mode to usher this back into the series. Here are five ideas for mini-games that would make the MyTeam single-NBA 2K player experience much better.

    Dunk competitions are tricky in video games. The Guitar Hero controls were kind of lame, and too much of a departure from NBA 2K's mechanic. A MyTeam iteration of this concept could be based on a point system which functioned more. NBA 2K players would essentially try to dunk over props and life-sized cardboard cutouts of all NBA 2K players. Clearing these items would create different point values depending on the dimensions of this merchandise. Additionally, there are points awarded for the difficulty level of the dip. Again, a dunker might become your competition. This could be better as a one off against the CPU contest.

    There was a tennis set named Virtua Tennis, and it was able to have mini-games that challenged one to knock down huge objects with your own serve. Gran Turismo had a mode where your aim was to crush many different contours for points. In NBA 2K21 MyTeam, it would be great to find that an obstacle course with several targets. You would need to use your NBA 2K player to dribble around cones, reach goals with moves, create threes, and to finally complete the course using a contact dip via an explodable statue of an NBA great.

    If you place this on a timer and then placed it into split-screen to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins while you raced against the clock and a CPU-controlled NBA 2K participant, this would be another excellent wrinkle to increase the single-NBA 2K player MyTeam encounter. Aside from gaining the feel for your NBA 2K players in your group, you would also be able to earn some MyTeam points for winning and scoring these contests. This may also be fun at multiNBA 2K player too. This is simple, but still potentially a burst.