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I wanted to begin performing Vindicta

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I do not quite consider it the biggest, although tick rate is unquestionably the issue. The biggest issues, I believe, are in the core gameplay: specifically the controls (both movement and combat). Click-to-move (and by extension, the tile program ) is my biggest gripe with all Runescape's core gameplay. It makes motion feel clunky, and because both motion and targeting are performed through the mouse, it makes moving through enemies and exact positioning more frustrating than RuneScape gold otherwise could be, and normally makes battle less fluid and more instinctive than I'd need it to be. Now movement on a tile-less gameworld is a pipe-dream for RS3, but I'd be remiss if I didn't bring it up as my largest gripe.

That's one of these things that simply won't change because in the event that you remove the stage and click on facet you eliminate one of the most basic elements of RuneScape. Removing click motion would knock people off, although I believe that it would be helpful to have WASD as an option. I'll be honest however, I utilised to mouse movement because of RuneScape that I can't adjust to WASD on MMOs anymore. Final Fantasy XIV along with RS3 and I play at this time and I removed WASD movement in favor of full mouse movement and maximum sensitivity camera. It feels better for me without having a gaming mouse, so abilities can move and utilize. My point being that options are great, but eliminating it would outcast people who invested time learning the system.

If nothing else, as a temporary remedy, can we get any worlds? Even during times every world besides planet world has less 150 players on it, and 3 tick delay is lost since very little of the content is affected. Before there's a waiting list You can find 19 f2p worlds that are not legacy if you take 10 of those and repurpose for associates, there might be f2pers online simultaneously. Ie theoretically reducing people of others by a bit over 10% And of course you would bring the p2p non-legacy english worlds out of 85-95.

Not to mention, in doing this, new players might observe there are far more people on the f2p worlds and be more prone to play with a game that appears to be somewhat full and popular, and f2p players that desire it to be crowded may pull out a credit card and finally get that subscription they have been considering. It might help, although I like this thought, it definitelz wouldnt be a solution. Its quite workable, particularly now that there is competition for funds than in osrs f2p.

I personally like the tick speed for the same reasons you despise cheap runescape 3 gold. Can recover an actions I forget to carry out so long as it's within the time period provided by rs's tick speed. But yeah everything I agree with, especially the servers. I wanted to begin performing Vindicta with these servers would be a garbage encounter although studying Telos. I get mid 40s kills but since these servers are shit when there's more than 200 ppl that I have to constantly spam clicks and my binds.