I know I wouldn't be purchasing the bfa expansion

  • I've played WoW since vanilla and quit in to BFA but I've been enjoying WOW Classic since wow gold released. I've been contemplating coming back to retail to PvP but I am interested what the barrier of entry would be for something similar to that in relation to gearing for PvP and grabbing up some characters.I've got plenty of alts and one main. When I feel like enjoying an alt, when I have not completed my goals for my main for the season and may work on them in the moment I force myself to take action. (If it's too hard to do so, I reevaluate my goals.) If I've completed them or can't work on them in the moment (e.g. I'd need an hour or more for hard content and I'm only on for 20 minutes), I often play alts and there is nothing wrong with this.

    You don't get gametime. If it comes to server pop it refers to how many WOW players are on each realm. I play a realm that says full a whole lot, but I had to sit in a queue to log in there, or had trouble creating characters etc.. I would recommend choosing a top or full people realm, and stay clear of"New Player" realms - I've heard some not good things about them from other people joining them. Those realms occasionally change an attempt to boost their inhabitants I'm not entirely sure. It does not matter that a kingdom includes a population if you are on the minority faction, some servers are skewed towards alliance or horde. So barren can be felt by some of the servers simply. I think what is essential to your adventure.

    I suggest playing a high or full inhabitants kingdom, I've alts on"moderate" pop realms however they feel like they are abandoned. I play on a RP realm, however me and my guild aren't primarily roleWOW players. You don't need to join although I like the opportunity, and the benefits of being on a RP domain. Check if it is split, or if you will be a part of the faction on whatever server you might combine. I will not stop you but the testing of the new expansion is in progress and it's set to launch. I know I wouldn't be purchasing the bfa expansion the growth is sort of finished.

     Each of the content is released and it may get harder and harder to get the full value out to buy wow classic gold of your subscription as active WOW players consider themselves done until shadowlands comes, people are thinking about in performing the old bfa articles. I don't think buying only gametime and checking out the content around 110 is a bad idea - but this may be single player content. If you get BFA now, you would have to purchase shadowlands after this season to perform that also. Ironically it is the bfa material that's quite interesting to play right now, so it is up to you. You could use a subscription up to lvl 110, and check out WOW Classic in case you were ever interested.