Balance of offensive and defensive ability

  • Priests are the perfect balance of offensive and defensive ability. They have access wow gold to the largest variety of healing spells in the bottom level. On the Alliance side, dwarves and humans have Desperate Prayer, an instant zero-mana spell for dire scenarios. Additionally, their 3 Power Word.

    Horde priests are perhaps even better, as the troll racial Hex of Weakness can be catastrophic on flag-carriers by reducing recovery by 20%. If their spells were not amazing enough, priests get access to this Gravestone Scepter at par 18. The batter does a whopping 29 DPS more than any wand acquirable at the level. If the priest is specced to Wand Specialization too, the damage output can be immense together with Shadow Word: Pain.

    Paladins are not flexible. With a one-handed weapon along with the Arctic Buckler in the Blackfathom Depths pursuit, they can be tanky.

    Can't be matched. Plus, since weapons can be switched in battle, the paladin can swap to a DPS with Glacial Stone out of a tank. There is a good deal of potential in weapon swapping here if you have the money to get everything. Paladins are most frequently healers, but it doesn't mean that they can't do sick damage if luck is in their own favor.

    Shamans enhancement shamans, hit on a power spike that cheap classic gold wow was huge. Elemental Shamans are always excellent at the 39 bracket, but for people who favor the melee style degree, 49 is where the fun begins. No additional melee can hold a candle to an enhancement shaman's raw energy. Granted, lots of their power comes from RNG elements: Wind Fury proccing crusader proccing. But once the tides are in your favor, shamans may take an enemy health bar down to. They are satisfying and bursty.