Classifieds » Adult » And makes the quicker pace possible

Classifieds » Adult » And makes the quicker pace possible

And makes the quicker pace possible

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I mean Removing the circle Could make the whole thing a Coinflip (as in if you have to go down , it's all dependent on luck)

Also, Circle is a great way to introduce some equipment burn Dark And Darker Gold, otherwise there would be very little (any AI that you receive in a battle while already having loot won't harm you by itself)

and makes the quicker pace possible (something i do kinda enjoy particularly when i must do a bunch of stuff for work and just be able to play for a tiny)

If they are able to keep the ring then they should remove the consuming part it does. There's no reason why you shouldn't be capable of tanking it if you're dealing with the healing. This isn't a BR as the collapsing circles causes fights and with more players pushing into a session (now 18) there are fewer portals available for all.

The circle helps with faster pace, which makes the game more enjoyable. There are times you're consumed by darkness when you're just the last man standing because a portal is distant or you're not even aware it exists. I've had a few times when i was engulfed by darkness with a bag full of loot. Oh, certain, i became angry for a moment however "play again" was activated and I'm all set to go.

If you've never seen me in other threads, i absolutely hate BR games. I've had a ??? pleasure in this one – circle as well. I think it adds an additional layer of elements that make things more dangerous and while it is true that sometimes it results in a situation where you get screwed... it keeps you on the move, even if that means engaging with that trio when you're solo. Get smart. maybe you lose. Maybe someone else joins and you get the victory. hell, maybe you actually benefit from the other players and also win. i've died plenty to trios, duos, and solos. I've laughed, even occasionally (though I don't know if it happens) hit my talk button and tell them what I have to say about my dead body They're likely to take it in any case, but is that really? man cheap Dark And Darker Gold, you got me.