Classifieds » Adult » I sat in a state of meditation as darker

Classifieds » Adult » I sat in a state of meditation as darker

I sat in a state of meditation as darker

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I sat in a state of meditation as a wizard wearing the armor and flat shield. I finished a long meditation as a level 1 rogue stabbed I 15 times Dark And Darker Gold. I got up and shot him. What's that about "fair"? Or "fun". He didn't have the power to kill me, because I was on a box that he couldn't break with a dagger and my character was body blocking the way up. There was no chest shots he could use to kill me. He repeatedly stabbed me for 4 or 5 minutes. I got 70 percent health. I'm pretty sure a green health pot could have fully his healing. But give them the blue short sword and they will 1 tap barbarians.

Outside of cheaters/netcode/etc that hard wired will be fixed by release issues. Damage scaling has to be more in line with defense scaling. In the moment, damage is exponential, quadratic, and inconsistency.

Health and armor do not even get close to the level for the amount of damage could be, which results in a massive disparity in basic classes.

Wizards and Rogues cannot kill mobs , while barbarians are able to hit real players. To large a gap.

Certainly a great incite here.

There's definitely some good inspiration here my friend. But there are also lots of things you did not know. It's time to break this down into pieces and debate direct topics. So I'll simply share my ideas as a whole in relation to rogue and wizard, which you choose to focus on.

You've pointed out some aspects of the wizard that are accurate. But I also know that you're not super knowledgeable about the wizard. Chain lightning is more then practical. In a aoe perspective. It is only able to jump over X number of enemies. They are close to one another than you cheap Dark And Darker Gold. This doesn't affect you. It's different based on the circumstances.