Classifieds » Entertainment » The game has been available for a while

Classifieds » Entertainment » The game has been available for a while

The game has been available for a while

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"Many players love using the Desert Mercenary, and we would like to D2R Items provide more reasons to choose the three other mercenaries, so we are researching ways to enhance their skills as well as stats to improve their fantasy and identity," Blizzard writes.

Diablo fans are eagerly anticipating the start of Diablo's first ladder rank season and it will be in the near future with the release patch 2.4. People who play ladder characters will also have access to new Runewords that aren't available to players playing normal characters at least during the season. As for how long each ladder season will run, Blizzard states it is currently contemplating four-month seasons but it's unclear if that will be set in stone just at this point.

In a recent interview Diablo Resurrected director of development Robert Gallerani explained that balance adjustments didn't be made to the game prior to launch because the team wanted to create the player with "authentic gaming experience."

The game has been available for a while in the meantime, and that the development team has time to learn from feedback from players they're thrilled to make more significant changes, like those that are included by patch 2.4.

The players who want more information regarding the forthcoming balance changes can watch a livestream featuring Gallerani and Diablo's content creator MrLlamaSC on December 16 for more details.

This announcement about patch 2.4 is coming as Activision Blizzard continues to deal problems arising out of multiple lawsuits as well as investigations alleging a culture of cheap diablo 2 resurrected items sexual harassment and discrimination within the company.