The only way to douse them is to RuneScape

  • Go down the ladder and RuneScape gold you should be at a room full of level-600 non-aggressive Demonic Herbalists. You also need to see 2, 3, or 4 black fire walls depending on the area you are in. These flames are extremly mortal and will kill you instantly in the event that you touch them. The only way to douse them is to make a special potion called Farest's Brew. Look for the chest inside of the area to locate a recipe, browse it and then pickpocket the Demons (Requires 70 theving if failed will his a 10) till you get 5 vials. Now theive again till you get 10 irits, 5 kuarm, and 15 rannar. Now include 2 irits, 1 kwuarm, and 3 rannar to each vial (may be added seperatly if room is needed for food.) Bake every 1 on the stove to acquire semi-prepared Farest's Brew.

    Today pickpocket that the Demons again till you get 5 vials of snake venom, DO NOT DRINK THEM!!! They'll kill you instantly. Add a vial to each potion. Subsequently pickpocket for 5 gorrack claws and a pestle and then mortarcrush the claws and add them into the boil. Bake them to receive 5 Farest's Brews. Use each 1 on the fire walls to get rid of a flame wall. Repeat the steps until each the fire walls are gone and then the final 1 should drop a Charred Key, maintain it after you use it!

    Use the key on the gate and go up the ladder and be ready to fight Farest. When you awaken there'll be an extremely major stone wall with a gate onto it. Additionally there are 8 level-150 Elven Demon Guards and 2 level-175 Elven Mage Demonswho cast flames of Zamorak and can hit to 40. Using protect from magical kill guards until you get a Key of Hope, continue if once you use it!use the key together with the gate and speak with the level-200 Farest. He will tell you that he is excited that you made it here, but it is time you died.

    He'll start slashing at you using duel DD(P++) Particular attacks, every so often making hail that lowers your stats. When you kill him he will grow to be a level-200 archer sporting a lighter version of black d-hide armor, a more powerful version of a robin hood collection, and a cross-breed of a magical brief bow and a crystal . He'll constantly use the special attack of the magic short bow, and certainly will conjure hail more frequently.

    Once you kill him he'll grow to be a level-200 mage. He will be wearing blue mystic armor, but with a gold trim rather than a white 1, he will also have a water staff. It's advised you mage or range. Teleport bank and out the sphere and remains imediatly or the level-653 vengeful spirit of Farest will attack you with buy rs3 gold his duel DD(P++). Congradulations you now have one of those spheres of Orien*.