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250l essential oil distillery washing process precautions

  • Friends familiar with 250l essential oil distillery know that there are many cans in the beverage production line, dispensing cans, sterilization tubes, mixing cans, water storage tanks, etc., in order to ensure the health of the beverage, these cans should be washed regularly. On the next page, we are here to introduce the precautions in the washing process of 250l essential oil distillery in detail.

    The flushing process should also pay attention to:

    1. Stop flushing the pump when replacing the filter element, and be careful not to bring in impurities;

    2. After the flushing is qualified, pay attention to protection before drawing out the flushing oil and using the pipeline to avoid pollutants entering the system.

    3, the drainage and sewage should be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full, and timely discharge of gases and pollutants.

    4, in the early stage of washing, the evaporation of water in the oil is very important, and there should be a window for steam to escape on the washing tank.

    5, the tank should be closed to reduce the chance of particles in the air entering the tank;

    6, the phase oil tank should be added to the washing oil should be used with a filter oil trolley to filter out the pollutants in the barrel oil.

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