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How do auto loan companies use 4g lte gps tracking device to re

  • For auto finance companies, how to reduce the risk of car loans is important. And most of the auto finance companies for car loan business is only to mortgage, not escort; The borrower can apply for a loan only by mortgaging the vehicle related information to the financial company, without mortgaging the vehicle. In order to control the risk of the vehicle and prevent the malicious behavior of loan applicants such as intentional fraud and false lending, financial companies will install GPS positioning devices on the car. In this article, Sward Risk Control experts will explain how to use GPS technology to reduce risk.

    The risk control management of the auto loan industry is divided into two modules, the first is the assessment of the vehicle before the loan, the second is the monitoring of the behavior of the borrower after the loan, how to effectively supervise the second mortgage of the vehicle after the loan, the borrower disappeared without reason, the GPS car locator has played an irreplaceable role, and then analyze the details of the special GPS for the car loan:

    First, 4g lte gps tracking device installation location

    GPS car locator In order to prevent demolition, generally choose to install in a more private place. The front and rear bumpers, under the passenger seat, and inside the engine compartment are the best places to install GPS positioners.

    Second, rely on platform big data

    The customer will register the frequent area of the vehicle before borrowing, that is, the work address and the residential address, if the borrower has not entered this area for a long time, then the lending company will conduct a secondary check. When the loan vehicle repeatedly enters the sensitive area (second-hand market, etc.) or is offline for a long time, the locator will timely feedback information to the receiving platform for alarm warning.

    In short, to achieve early detection, early control and early processing of the GPS monitoring and management of the car loan platform, the 4g lte gps tracking device locator can only play an auxiliary role. When a crisis occurs, it is necessary to communicate and investigate in time to ensure that property losses are avoided. GPS monitoring management should establish its entire post-loan risk control system and model through GPS risk control platform to effectively reduce default risk.

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