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Remnant 2: Council Hall Guide (All Puzzles, Secrets, and Choice

  • The Council Hall is a dungeon in Remnant 2 that has a chance to appear in the world of Losomn. As players work on this map, they encounter the Faerie Council, and they can resolve this encounter in a number of ways. This guide provides full details on how to implement these options, and also contains information on the various secrets and puzzles that may arise in the Remnant 2 Council Hall. Players can prepare enough Cheap Remnant 2 Accounts in the game.


    The Fae Council event, located in the heart of the Council Hall dungeon, requires players to accuse a Council member of assisting Remnant 2 impostors. There are basically two ways to accomplish this, and the rewards players end up receiving depend on the options they pursue:


    Players who want to satisfactorily accuse the correct council member will need to provide evidence. To obtain this evidence, Souls fans should search for Black Mirror in the Council Hall map, which will teleport them to the Council Court. On this map, players will find a room very similar to the room they encountered the Faerie Council, and they will need to solve one of the puzzles.


    To solve this Remnant 2 puzzle, players need to walk through the glass and reach the bottom of the council members' seats, which have keys embedded in them. Fans should interact with these keys to collect them, then see through the glass floor to the seats on the other side. Those inaccessible seats still have keys, players just need to replace the keys on the council court seats to match the corresponding seats.


    After the player places the last key, a door behind the seat will open, through which you can reach the petrified true king. Fans of dark action RPGs will now have to climb up the sides of this body and do some platform jumps to reach the back of its head. The player can then retrieve the Assassin's Dagger from the One True King, an item that serves both as evidence and to reveal the sigil of the guilty council member (which can be seen by examining the dagger and looking at the end of its hilt).


    With the identities of the guilty members revealed and the evidence in hand, players can return to the Faerie Council in the Council Hall. Fans can then accuse the correct member and turn over evidence of the Assassin's Dagger to complete the quest and earn the Ornate Blade melee weapon from Remnant 2.


    Any method that is not part of what has just been detailed will result in a fight with the council. Players who emerge victorious from this battle will complete the quest and receive the Faerie Protector Insignia, a ring that increases maximum health by 10 and reduces burden by 5.


    Players may encounter some secrets and puzzles in the council hall, as detailed below. Still, it's important to emphasize that these events don't always appear in Remnant 2 dungeons, and they even have a chance to appear on other maps in Losomn.


    Players can find the common Remnant 2 Ribbon on a corpse in the Council Chamber, which will be placed on a statue of two faeries holding hands. After doing that, fans should leave the dungeon, re-enter, and return to the statue to claim the Golden Ribbon, an amulet that increases Mod damage and grants Haste when using Mods.


    The council hall occasionally featured a large room with a statue on a raised platform and paintings on the walls. There is a painting on the wall to the right of this room, destroying it will reveal a hidden path leading to the Executioner. Defeating this Remnant 2 boss rewards the Steadfast Mutant (prevents melee attacks from being interrupted and takes 10% less damage), and players can loot the Ornate Flail melee weapon and the Sapphire Dreamstone Ring when walking out of his lair.


    This puzzle has two sets of five torches, and the goal is to make their flames the same color, either all blue or all white. The important thing to understand here is that shooting a torch will not only cause it to change color, but adjacent torches will also change.


    As for what players earn for solving this puzzle, turning all torches blue will yield a black pawn seal ring, which reduces the cooldown of the skill by 10%. Turning all torches white will result in a white pawn seal ring, which reduces mod power requirements by 10%. For more game guides, please visit