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Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Expansion Announced

  • Final Fantasy XIV has just released its fifth expansion, Dawntrail. This optimistic new chapter in the story of Final Fantasy XIV will take players across the seas on a new adventure. Players can prepare enough FFXIV Gil in the game.


    During his first live fan festival keynote in four years, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida gave players a preview of the new expansion, including new graphics updates. This original chapter is considered a fresh start for the main Final Fantasy 14 scene after the epic finale of The Terminator.


    Dawntrail takes Final Fantasy 14 players to Tural, a continent west of Eorzea that has hitherto been known only as the New World. This mysterious land promises a high degree of adventure and discovery as they explore fantastical places like the fabled city of gold, Tulijoral. This diverse land is inhabited by many peoples, including the Mamool Ja that players have seen since the original Final Fantasy 14. Tural draws heavily from South American culture, and the expansion itself is billed as "the ultimate summer vacation."


    That said, Final Fantasy XIV players should expect plenty of challenges in Path of Dawn. One of the central conflicts concerns who will succeed Tulijoral as the current leader. With the help of familiar Final Fantasy 14 characters like Scions and Gleaner Erenville, players will help decide the contest over succession rituals, though their allies may end up divided on how to resolve the conundrum.


    As players travel across Tulare, they encounter various cultures and peoples. Uroqpacha is home to the tribe of giants and the small commercial Pelupelu tribe, while Yak T'el is home to the native Mamool of Tural. Ja) and Hrothgar tribe population centers. As always, in Dawntrail, there will be plenty of awesome tests as players advance their careers to the new level cap of 100, such as the legendary Valigarmanda.


    Players will also have two new classes to try out: Melee DPS and Ranged Caster. While Final Fantasy XIV has yet to reveal these classes, the Warrior of Light in the trailer is wearing a long sword and light armor, leading many to expect the pirate-like samurai class to be one of them. Yoshida is also wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt, which could indicate that the melee class will use ninja gear, and the caster could be a Green Mage.


    Dawntrail is currently scheduled for release in Summer 2024. Players can look forward to seeing more information about Dawntrail at the next Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in London on October 21-22. For more game guides, please visit