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Genshin Impact leaked new Fontaine character

  • The Genshin Impact leak hinted at the appearance of the previously rumored character Skirk, suggesting that she will appear in the game's Fontaine cycle. With just a few weeks left until the newest region of the HoYoverse RPG, fans have already seen a plethora of upcoming characters from the Hydro Archon realm. With the launch of version 4.0, Fontaine will debut three new characters, with five-star Lyney and four-star Lynette and Freminet. Now, a leak suggests another member of the cast is planned for the region. Players can prepare enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in the game.


    While Genshin Impact has confirmed the previously mentioned 4.0 trio, trailers and leaks have hinted at several other characters expected to play in Fontaine. The game's "Final Feast" trailer showcases several members of Fontaine's expected list, including Hydro-Consul Fryner and Fontaine's Chief Justice Newert, as well as others like Navia and Riosli. The leak also hints that new characters from past regions, as well as the already-existing NPC Cloud Retainer are rumored to be joining the playable roster. Now, Skik is Fontaine's newest character, and her playability has been leaked.


    A new leak shared by well-known Genshin Impact leaker Tai via leaker Videre reveals Skirk's potential appearance, as well as an estimate for her release window. The post includes several interior concept art for Skirk, which sees the character sporting long, faded hair and a lavish dress. It was previously rumored that Skirk would debut as a sword character in Genshin Impact, and one of the artwork showed her wielding a sword. A release window hasn't been strictly confirmed, but leaks suggest Skirk's debut will take place during the Fontaine cycle.


    Skirk's reveal is one of many characters from Genshin Impact's upcoming regions that are expected to wield a sword as their weapon of choice. Fontaine will be adding a new Sword user to the game, with Lynette confirmed as the Anemo elemental Sword character. Other highly anticipated characters like Arlecchino and Furina are also widely rumored to wield this popular weapon type. Currently, the sword is the most iconic weapon among Genshin characters, with 16 different sword users.


    Fontaine is expected to launch version 4.0 in August, and he hopes to bring more than just new characters to Genshin Impact. The Hydro area will introduce a variety of new mechanics to the game, with diving and underwater combat in Genshin Impact being one of the highlights of this area. It's believed that the new scene will also introduce new gliding animations, as well as potentially new body types for the playable character. Fontaine's leaks and trailers showed players a ton of new content in store for players when the region launches next month. For more game guides, please visit