Designed Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Size Details

  • When decorating the bathroom, you must buy a good bathroom cabinet, but when you buy the bathroom cabinet, what is the height of the bathroom cabinet? Let's discuss it with a Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet as an example.

    1. The bathroom cabinet height is too small, only the basin can be placed, but there is also a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also does not occupy a place, and is about 500mm long. In addition to the standard size of the bathroom cabinet, the length of the bathroom cabinet is 1200mm. The size of the European-style and Jane-European bathroom cabinets is larger, because most of them need to be added to the side cabinets, which can reach 1600mm.

    2. The standard size of most bathroom cabinets is the long (usually including the hanging cabinet) is 800mm - 1000mm, the width (wall distance) is: 450mm - 500mm. However, because the size of the bathroom is basically the same, there are not many supermarkets and ultra-small bathroom cabinets. If you accept the custom, it will have a great impact on the appearance and price.

    3. The installation size of the bathroom cabinet with the height of the bathroom cabinet is that the distance between the surface of the cabinet and the ground is 80mm - 85mm. The installation of the mirror cabinet is based on the height and habits of the owner. The person stands in front and the head is in the middle of the mirror.

    4. The height of the bathroom cabinet at the height of the bathroom cabinet is generally around 650CM. Considering that the floor space of the bathroom is often wet, the bottom of the cabinet should be kept at a distance of 150CM from the ground, and the distance from the countertop to the ground of the bathroom cabinet according to the height and usage habits of the owner. It should be between 800 and 900.