The Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Is Waterproof And Moisture

  • With the improvement of people's living standards, the renovation of small-sized old houses will also be exhausted in the decoration of the bathroom, in order to make the items in the bathroom not become a soup. Waterproofing has become the primary requirement for bathroom cabinets, and it also has a storage function and a strong decoration. So, do you really understand Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet ?

    The floor cabinet refers to the bottom of the cabinet close to the ground, while the wall hanging cabinet refers to the cabinet hanging from the wall. As far as the moisture-proof effect is concerned, the moisture-proof property of the wall-mounted cabinet is obviously better. The wall-mounted cabinet does not touch the ground, and the moisture on the bathroom floor, such as water and moisture, does not spread upward from the bottom of the cabinet, and the wall-mounted cabinet does not touch the ground, and the cleaning is cleaned. More convenient. However, the wall hanging cabinet is not intended to be installed, but also depends on whether the bathroom is drained or walled!

    The moisture-proof performance of the floor cabinet is slightly worse. Generally speaking, there is no bathroom that has been dry and wet separated, and the bathroom cabinet with the bottom is the plate. After five years, the cabinet will crack due to the damp! Although the small-sized old house is decorated with many bathroom cabinets, the four-footed style is still eroded by water vapor!

    The so-called floor row refers to the way in which the drainage pipe of the bathroom passes through the floor and is discharged into the total drain pipe. The wall row refers to the way in which the drain pipe is laid horizontally on the same floor and finally concentrated to the discharge pipe. In comparison, the ground row is more suitable for installing the ground cabinet. Because of the way of the ground row, the water pipe will be exposed, and the ground cabinet can be used for shielding, while the wall row can be installed for the wall hanging cabinet and the ground cabinet!

    Many people study the moisture-proof of bathroom cabinets from the material of the bathroom cabinet, to the installation method, to the drainage method, etc. The small-sized old house decoration not only hopes that the bathroom cabinet of the home is more durable, but also wants to waterproof the bathroom cabinet. The moisture-proof performance is the best! Then use a stainless steel bathroom cabinet.

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