Matters Needing Attention In Selecting A Stainless Steel Kitche

  • Most people will choose the stainless steel sink in the kitchen decoration nowadays. Here are some notes about the selection of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink .

    1. First of all, talk about the stainless steel material
    Classification of stainless steel: 304 stainless steel is good, 201 stainless steel times. 304 stainless steel has better corrosion and rust resistance, high-temperature resistance and tensile strength. 201 stainless steel is generally used in industrial pipes, decorative pipes, and other products. So try to choose a 304 stainless steel sink. How to distinguish it? To tell the truth, it is generally hard to tell with the naked eye, 201 stainless steel will still rust after a long time in the water. Those who sell 200 or 300 yuan of water tanks online shout that they are 304 stainless steel, and also put 304 steel marks on the tank body, suggesting careful selection.

    2. The difference between welding and integral forming
    One - piece molding requires higher equipment, so the price is higher. However, from the quality point of view, the thickness of the welded sink steel plate is more uniform, so it is not to say that the integrally formed sink must be better than the welded sink, and the more upscale manual sinks are welded instead. Of course, now the market is basically a one-piece water tank, so we don't have to struggle too much.

    3.about sink accessories
    The quality of the water inlet and the water outlet directly affects the service life of the water tank. The water tank with large diameter downcomer and basket made of stainless steel is the best.

    4. About Single Slot and Double Slot
    This depends on one's personal preference. Some people like a large single tank, because it is convenient to wash the pan. Some people like a double tank, while washing the dishes, they can drain the water. This article was originally created by Songye. Please search and decorate WeChat for 33 days.

    5. About soap dispenser and tool holder
    More and more sink designs are equipped with soap dispensers and tool holders, which look fully functional, but to be honest, these two functions are more chicken ribs. I have never used these two functions in my own home, and the whole sink is easy to have dead spots when it is cleaned.

    6. About the faucet
    Most sinks are sold with taps, and the quality and warranty of taps are also very important because taps are used frequently. Some water tanks are sold without a tap, and the tap has to be purchased for an extra fee. When purchasing, you must ask what the price includes.