How Do Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share How To Maintain

  • The sink is an indispensable part of every family, and it is basically used every day in home life. The newly purchased water tank is “shiny and bright”, but if you don’t pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, it will easily produce water stains, rust spots, mildew spots... affecting the use and beauty, then how to maintain the sink? Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers are here to tell you.

    1. The newly installed sink can be coated with a layer of oil on the surface of the sink. It will not rust when used. It can be used in the same way when the sink is not used for a long time.
    2. Daily cleaning should be done with a dry scouring pad. Do not allow water droplets to remain on the surface of the sink. Water with a high iron content can cause brownish red marks on the surface.
    3. If water stains that are difficult to remove are generated, they can be removed with a low concentration of vinegar solution, and finally washed with water.
    4. If there is an oil stain, scrub with diluted detergent and then wipe with clean water. Do not use a cleaning agent, an acidic solvent, an alkaline solvent, a brightener, or alcoholic acetone.
    5. When cleaning stainless steel surface oil, do not use acid or friction cleaners, and avoid using harder cleaning tools. A hard cleaning tool can easily cause damage such as surface fuzzing and surface scratching.
    6. Do not use rubber pads in the sink as the dirt under the rubber mat is difficult to clean.
    7. Do not touch the surface of the water tank with a liquid containing heavy metals. Otherwise, it may cause discoloration or rust on the surface. If it is contaminated, immediately dry it with a towel.
    8. When using, let the sink avoid contact with drift powder, household chemicals, and soap for a long time. After use, wash it with water as soon as possible and dry the sink with a towel.
    9. Disinfect the disinfectant containing formic acid or formaldehyde when disinfecting.
    10. Avoid dropping heavy objects into the stainless steel sink to avoid large hard objects hitting the sink, which will deform the sink.