Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Cabinet Design And Erg

  • Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers share the cabinet design and ergonomics. The cabinet design has the function of use but also has the comfort.

    When designing the cabinet, the designer will put the size in the primary consideration. First, understand the size of each part of the human body, and then design according to the measurement data of the size of each part of the human body. The interior space designed so that people can feel comfortable when using it. Real ergonomic cabinets must pay attention to the detailed design of each part.

    The color, shape, and material of the cabinet design are also very important issues, which involve the human body's physiological feelings and psychological feelings, the most important of which is the psychological feeling. The human-oriented humanized design idea makes the center of cabinet design always focus on the needs of users. It is based on ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic psychology, and other disciplines to scientifically understand people's physiological characteristics, behavioral psychology, and visual perception. The characteristics of the design to create a product full of humanity.

    In the performance indicators, all equipment in the cabinet design system should put safety first, and the safety and reliability of the design system must be highly valued. When the system is required to be reliable, it should also comply with the safety standards related to cabinet design, and work effectively under normal use conditions to ensure the normal and safe use, quality and performance of the cabinet design system, and the principle of safety first. Ergonomics should follow the position of the cabinet in the living room and reflect the convenience. When designing cabinets, consideration should be given to the convenience of installation and maintenance, and the pick-and-place items of the lockers are convenient and orderly.

    In addition, the cabinet design system should have sufficient reliability, advancement, and flexibility to fully meet the needs of the new era living room space.