How Do Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share The Size Of The

  • The sink is just one of the appliances in the kitchen. The design of the kitchen sink needs to take into account the size of the kitchen and the design space of the cabinet. Generally, the largest double groove size is more than 800 mm. That is less than one meter in length. Then follow the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers to see how to design a suitable kitchen sink.

    Need to reserve the size of the vegetables and the size of the dishes. There is not much room left for the cabinets. So more than 800 double sinks, divided into two small sinks, and then removed the size of the sink itself, according to the layout of a large basin, a small basin. The small basin is about 300mm long, and the large basin is about 400mm long. It is also a medium-sized design.

    The beauty of the sink needs to be coordinated. It is impossible to make a double basin, then the small basin is very small, and the big basin is very large. That would be too unsatisfactory. So if you need to wash large items, you can choose to use a large single sink.

    In general, a single-sink with a length of more than 700 mm is already very large, and it is necessary to use one more basin in the use. It is not necessary to be big again. After all, we only do kitchen sinks instead of bathtubs.

    Of course, the double slot also has its advantages. A sink is clear and a sink is washed. This distribution will also be more hygienic and convenient. If you have to use a double sink and then you can wash the pot, you can only find a way to design the structure.