Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Sink Considerations

  • Sinks are essential to our lives, especially in the kitchen. Sinks play a very important role, so the installation of sinks is crucial. Do you know about the installation method of sinks? So what Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers want to share with you today is the sink installation method and the precautions for installing the sink.

    1. The flume has various shapes. When designing, you need to reserve the position of the flume. When buying the flume, you need to take a plan of the flume first. If you don't have a plan of the flume, you need to know the specific size and specification of the flume.

    2. On the edge of the reserved water tank position, install the faucet and water inlet pipe in advance to ensure the normal use of the water tank after installation.

    3. Put the water tank into the reserved water tank, install the supporting hanging pieces between the table top and the water tank to ensure the water tank is firmly installed, and then check carefully to check whether the joint between the water tank and the table top and the water pipe is tight.

    4. The installation of hanging pieces is the last step in the installation of the water tank. The installation personnel will select the corresponding hanging pieces according to the distance between the water tank and the table top, so as to prevent the tank body from shaking and leaking.

    5. After all the installations are completed, the water tank needs to be tested. First fill the water tank with water to see if there is any water leakage, then check whether the drainage process is smooth, whether there is any water leakage or water seepage, and finally seal the edge of the water tank with silica gel to ensure that the gaps between the water tank and the tabletop are uniform.