Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share The Correct Cleaning S

  • The stainless steel sink is made of high-quality chrome-nickel steel and looks very beautiful. It is very resistant to contamination, rust, and corrosion and will not crack, crack, flake or crack.  Will you clean up the sink properly?  Check it out with the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers 

    一、 tips for cleaning the sink:

    The discoloration and most of the marks on the stainless steel surface are caused by the aqueous deposits attached to the stainless steel surface.  They are always the result of external sources, not the steel itself.  This kind of stain is usually regarded as " rainbow effect" and can be completely avoided by removing the dehumidifying detergent.  Take it out of the sink and use it to avoid watermarks and rust.
    One of the best ways to care for the sink is to clean the sink with a product called " shiny sink", which can be used every day.  It is helpful to dry the sink thoroughly after cleaning.
    二、 Please avoid the following situations when cleaning up:
     1. Use a plastic bowl to clean, because these will cause serious local scratches;
     2. Leave salt, vinegar, citric acid juice, mustard or pickles on the surface at any time because they can cause corrosion;
     3. Abrasive cleaning agents, such as bleaching agents, scrubbing agents or wire cotton pads