How To Install Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

  • manufacturers are doing their best to develop and produce, and the market is also equipped with a variety of materials and styles of bathroom cabinet sales. Which is the best of such a variety of bathroom cabinets? What about the more popular Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet ? The following small series will introduce you to the four advantages of stainless steel bathroom cabinets.

    1, metal high-foot design, moisture-proof is not tight
    The bathroom is a damp place, so the bottom of the bathroom cabinet should not be made of wood material, it is easy to get wet and moldy damage; even if it will bring moisture to the cabinet over time, it may eventually lead to the entire bathroom. The cabinets are all deformed. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are different. The cabinet and legs are made of metal material, the shell has no moisture, and the whole cabinet is waterproof and rustproof and durable.

    2, the bottom is leaking, the bottom plate is waterproof, double protection
    Today, the entire bathroom cabinets that are often seen and used are sinks, sinks and cabinets. Since the basin is the carrier of the wastewater, the water pipes below the basin will pass through the floor into the underground basin. The condensate in the room will also immerse the cutting edge of the board into the bottom of the cabinet so that the bottom of the bathroom cabinet will be deformed by moisture. By installing a waterproof bottom drain at the pipe outlet at the bottom of the pool, you can extend the life of your stainless steel bathroom cabinet.

    3, stainless steel waterproof, blocking moisture
    Most home bathrooms are not dry, so the overall space of the bathroom is more serious, so waterproofing must be considered when choosing a bathroom cabinet. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are fireproof, wear resistant, moisture resistant and waterproof, suitable for small bathrooms.

    4, waterproof aluminum foil to prevent condensation
    When taking a shower in the room, the attentive person will find that the faucet and other hardware in the wash basin will generate a lot of condensed water when it encounters hot air. The water will flow along the table to the bottom of the cabinet, which may cause the mold of the cabinet to be deformed. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber mat to the bottom of the cabinet to protect the bathtub on the stainless steel bathroom cabinet while preventing moisture.