The Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Tells You How To Choose

  • Speaking of the sink, I believe many people are familiar with it. The sink can be said to be used in the kitchen. It is convenient to wash dishes or wash vegetables, and the frequency of use in the kitchen is relatively high. However, the purchase of the sink has great problems in our lives. Some people do not choose the sink. Some people do not know whether to choose a double tank or a single tank, etc., which has been plaguing consumers. . Then the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers tells you how to choose the kitchen sink and what you need to pay attention to.

    First, the kitchen sink selection considerations

    1, the size of the sink is determined by the kitchen space

    Generally speaking, the larger the size of the sink, the higher the price. However, when consumers choose, they can't just buy big ones. They should choose according to the actual size of the kitchen. Choose a single pot, double pot or multi pot. The width of the sink is generally 430-500mm.

    2, do not blindly pursue thick plates

    The thickness of the sheet is currently mainly 0.8-1.2 mm on the market. When selecting a stainless steel sink, in general, a 1.0 mm thick sink is sufficient for use.

    3, the depth of the sink depends on the cabinet space

    The slotting depth of the slot is also an important factor in its price. The deeper the slot, the higher the cost, but consumers should pay attention to the cabinet space when purchasing. The depth of the sink is about 180mm.

    4, the quality of accessories

    Another very important factor in choosing a sink is the accessories. The good and bad of the fittings are directly related to the cost of maintenance in the future. The sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the lower water pipes are the main factors that determine whether the water leaks in the future; Extrusion seals, station-controlled water removal, overflow devices, and muffler series are all standards for measuring the quality of accessories. Consumers need special attention when choosing.

    Second, the sink single slot is good or double slot is good

    First of all, the first requirement for the sink is that the large pot can be conveniently put into the sink for cleaning. Under this requirement, if your cabinet is small and the position of the sink can be small, then you don't have to consider it. Anything else, just choose the slot. If your sink is in a large position, you can choose a large basin to easily remove large pieces of cleaning, then you can continue to look down.

    Next, it is your cleaning habit. When washing vegetables, do you like to directly in the sink, or do you like to use other basins to clean the sink? If you like to directly in the sink, I suggest you buy a double tank, use a single tank every time you have to make such a large tank water, not environmentally friendly and waste. If you prefer to use another basin to clean, then surely the menu slot is quite open.

    Third, how to distinguish the quality of the sink is good or bad

    First of all, we can check the flatness of the surface of the sink, which can be consistent with the plane of the sink. The edge of the sink should not be convex or warped. The error is generally less than 0.1mm, so a good sink looks. The upper surface is very flat;

    Secondly, we look at the manufacturing process of the water tank. The existing water tank production process is divided into welding and one-time forming. The quality of the welding is a key factor affecting the life of the water tank. It is good to be tight and without welding. Formed sinks are relatively popular because of their advanced, but the manufacturing process is difficult. Therefore, you choose to mold once, and if not, you should carefully check whether the welding is tight and there is no solder joint.