China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Teaches You How To Use

  • Home cleaning is always a topic that can't be said, it can be said to be very simple and very complicated. For our women who do housework at home every day, the chores are maddening, and sometimes people who are not doing it are pointing fingers and fingers, so we may wish to change our minds and solve problems one by one.

    Take the kitchen, the space in the kitchen is not big, the items here are the most complicated in any family, not to mention these irregular pots and pans, the seasoning of the bottles and jars we cook. There are also a lot of counts, and people who love cooking, as well as large items such as microwave ovens, are piled up here. Here is how the China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturer teaches you how to use unused space:

    1. The drain basket, which is hung in the middle of the two sinks. In our kitchen, there are usually two small sinks. It doesn't matter in the middle. It doesn't matter if you press it when you wash it. The rubber is not easy to break.
    2. The home sink is usually fixed on the countertop with silicone when it is installed. After a long time, the water stain will leak into the silica gel, causing blackening or mildew, waterproof and mildewproof tape, and attached to the joint between the sink and the countertop. It is moisture-proof, mold-proof, and easy to scrub. It can also be used in joints between gas stoves and countertops.
    3. Some of the space under the sink in the home is very empty. You can pack and put a shelf like this to store some large objects in the kitchen. This shelf is simple in structure, composed of steel frame, and has strong load-bearing capacity. Sex is also very strong.
    4. There is also a flat surface. If there is no place to put the chopsticks in the usual place, and the water is accumulated on the countertop, put a drain rack on the sink, which can be put up anyway, and it can be folded and needs time. Take it out again.
    5. Put the washed dishes, spoons and detergents on the sink and drain them. It is convenient to take them the next time. The key is that such racks can also avoid children. Touched, the bearing capacity is super strong, it is a good helper for the storage around the sink.