China Stainless Steel Sink Are Getting Closer And Smarter

  • There is a saying "I want to know if a family is happy, see her kitchen, I know." The kitchen family consisting of fireworks and laughter must be much happier than the cold kitchen family. To create such a kitchen, you must have a tall, clean, clean modern kitchen to enjoy the fun of creation and cooking; enjoy a smart and convenient operation experience; enjoy the tacit exchange of emotions between family members; enjoy a love The meal, a happy home, a wonderful life. So now the versatile China Stainless Steel Sink is born to meet many needs.

    In the past, we looked at whether a kitchen is “high on the shelf”, mainly because we should see whether the high-end kitchen appliances such as the range hood, electric steamer, and oven in the kitchen should be complete and large enough. Now, it depends on the kitchen decoration style and some kitchen equipment that is more representative of the quality of life, such as the kitchen sink. Although it is a small accessory in the kitchen, it is used frequently. According to statistics, about 65% of the time before and after meals, you have to deal with the sink. So what are the functions of Chinese stainless steel sinks?

    1. Stay away from pesticide residues and enjoy a safe diet
      For the problem of vegetable and fruit pesticides that are of great concern, some Chinese stainless steel sinks can be designed with organic fruit and vegetable purification functions, which will make many users shine. It utilizes the "high-frequency ultrasound flow rate washing" double-effect vegetable purification program to improve the pesticide removal rate to more than 90% by pure physical principle. It is safer and healthier than traditional fruit and vegetable purifiers using ozone and other chemical principles to remove pesticides. In addition, it can also clean crayfish, shellfish and other seafood to meet the family's more dietary needs! With this weapon to protect the home, let the family healthy and confident to eat fruits and vegetables.
    2. Intelligent help the housewife to reduce the cumbersome cooking process

    In the era of intelligence, we are deeply impressed by the variety of home appliances that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. China's stainless steel sinks are designed to be smart, not only to enhance the kitchen texture, to highlight the owner's taste, but also no need to manually wash dishes, fruits and vegetables can also be safe and safe to eat, but also free up more leisure time to spend with the family, enjoy the new era High quality living is the “kitchen sink” that every family needs.