How Do Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Carefully Maintain Th

  • The sink is an indispensable sanitary ware in life, and the sink is used in the kitchen for more than 80% of the time. After all, the pot is washed and the water is used to wash the rice. The sink is often used, so it is naturally easy to be destroyed, and once the sink is destroyed, everything in the kitchen will be in a state of chaos. To this end, we should pay attention to the protection of the sink in order to make the kitchen work normally. The Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will explain the method of protecting the sink:

    1, the cleaning of the sink

    After using the water tank, it must be said that there will be water residue in the water tank, which will cause high iron content in the water tank. This will cause brown coloration on the surface of the water tank. For this reason, we carefully clean it with a neutral detergent. Then rinse with water to dry; and the residual water may also cause mineral accumulation in the sink. For this reason, we should clean it with white vinegar and wipe it dry with a dry cloth. These two situations tell us that we should pay attention to carefully wipe the sink after use, do not let the sink have moisture residue.

    2, the precautions for cleaning the sink

    In order to clean the sink, we will inevitably be anxious, but the cleaning of the sink can not be too troublesome, and it should be carefully cleaned, otherwise it will be worse. For this reason, we must pay attention to the use of iron brushes or rough brush to clean the sink, otherwise the sink will be damaged; the choice of detergent must be neutral, otherwise the sink will be destroyed; to avoid sinks and soap, detergent for a long time Contact, otherwise there will be residue in the sink; you can't use the rubber pad to clean the sink, otherwise the dirt on the rubber mat will be difficult to clean; you can't put hard and sharp things in the sink to avoid damage to the sink.

    3, the ideal state of the sink

    The sink is widely used in the kitchen, so we need to clean it carefully with water after each use, dry it with a dry towel to keep the sink clean and clean; and the house should be ventilated frequently, so that the sink does not corrode Long-term contact with sexual gases.

    The sink has been used for a long time, and damage is inevitable, but we should pay attention to the protection of the sink, let the sink be used for a long time, not affecting our normal life, and keeping our environment clean and beautiful.