Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Teaches You How T

  • Solid wood panels, quartz stone, stainless steel, which countertops are chosen, full-time wives break the truth! Everyone who has been cooking knows that there is a lot of oil in the kitchen. If you accidentally stick it on the table, you can't wash it. If you cut vegetables and stir-fry, you won't pay attention. The kitchen knife and spatula will leave scratches on the table. The good cabinets are ruined. So, which material is better for the kitchen countertop to be more durable and better cleaned? It would be better if you could meet the needs of a little color control. Let's take a look at how to properly select countertop materials with AFA Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers .
    First, the king of the face value: wooden countertops

    There are two main types of wooden countertops: solid wood panels and fireproof panels.

    1) Solid wood board
    The countertops are made from treated solid wood original plates or splice plates. They are commonly used in Nordic style and American decoration. The value is very high and the texture is also very good. However, the price of solid wood material is not low, the unit price is more than 800 yuan / m, plus the need to do a good deal of sealing, antibacterial, waterproof, etc., the cost is higher; if it is not good, it is easy to crack and mold, it is Delicate.

    2) Fire board

    The fireproof board is actually the particleboard/wooden board that we often say. The price is relatively affordable, about 300-500 yuan/m, and there are many styles, wear-resistant, durable, high-temperature resistant, oil-resistant, and easy to clean. But the biggest and most obvious drawback is that seamless stitching is not possible and it is not very waterproof. Water is often used in the kitchen, and it may take a long time to loosen and deform.

    In general, fireproof panels are more affordable, fireproof and safer. If you want to install wooden countertops, it is recommended to choose a fireproof panel. Wooden countertops can't be placed in hot pots, and they need to be cleaned frequently to keep the surface dry, so it is more suitable for small partners who pay attention to the quality of life and occasionally cook.

    Second, durable players: stone countertops

    There are two main types of stone countertops: natural stone and artificial stone.

    1) Natural stone

    The more common natural stone is marble. The countertop made of pure natural marble has natural and beautiful lines, and the texture is warm, durable, high temperature resistant and not easily deformed. The biggest drawback is that it can't withstand heavy pressure, can't bend, and the price is very expensive. The average one is above 1000 yuan/m.

    2) Artificial stone

    Artificial stone is also divided into ordinary and high-grade. The high-end artificial stone practical natural ore powder is a composite material which is prepared by mixing well-known, dyeing agents and the like. The artificial stone has a richer texture pattern, more selectivity, and is more durable. It can achieve seamless splicing, no pores on the surface, and the natural texture of natural stone, but the most deadly drawback is also expensive. The general price is around 800 yuan -3000 yuan / m.

    In the building materials market, the most common is artificial quartz stone, the price is slightly lower than the high-end artificial stone, at 400-800 yuan / m. The price/performance ratio is quite high. Although it can't be seamlessly spliced, but the performance advantages are all, plus dirty, only need to wipe with water, the service life is longer than the high-end artificial stone. From the perspective of cost performance, artificial quartz stone is more recommended. The thickness of the stone countertop directly determines its durability, so it is recommended to buy a stone with a thickness of 20mm, which is not easy to crack. Stone countertops are more suitable for friends who are less demanding and more practical.

    Third, the best antibacterial: stainless steel countertops

    The kitchen is high in temperature and has many things, so it is easy to breed bacteria, so antibacterial is also an aspect we consider. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and high temperature and is the best antibacterial property of all materials. Moreover, the stainless steel material itself can be made into a seamless integrated body, and can be directly connected with the sink, which is more convenient. The price is also relatively reasonable, generally more than 300 can buy a better quality stainless steel countertops.

    The downside is that the value is not so high, there are few styles to choose from, and it is easy to get scratches when cooking. The stainless steel countertops are suitable for owners who are very concerned about kitchen hygiene.

    to sum up:

    1) Wooden countertops: meet the needs of color control, recommend fireproof panels, suitable for friends who pay attention to quality of life and occasionally cook;

    2) Stone countertop: durable and wearable, artificial quartz stone is recommended, suitable for friends who pay attention to practicality and often cook;

    3) Stainless steel countertops: the strongest antibacterial performance, suitable for friends who pay special attention to kitchen hygiene;