Stainless Steel Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Future Trend Of

  • Entering the cabinet industry has been for several years, the biggest feeling is also the most tragic expression of the domestic cabinet layout: "Chinese cabinets, one side of homogenization, one side lacks the products that real customers want." There are too many homogenized enterprises, so everyone is yelling at the end of the hysteria: it is too much affected by real estate, business is difficult to do! The real problem is the lack of good cabinets that understand the owners. The following AFA Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers will talk about the future development of the future industry.

    And many times, product designers are more "informed and knowledgeless", "heavy service companies do not focus on customers", are recommended to customers under the experience and subjective judgment, and this is not necessarily a customer's cold, and even After the user signs the order, he has to return the order and is not satisfied after using it. Chatting with the sales staff at the terminal, the sales staff is also very impatient, and even some sales people think that they lack morality. They say: I know that our products have many defects and problems, but because sales pressure is still weakening the defects to customers. Said to the good.

    What is a good cabinet? Individuals have always emphasized that cabinets that understand customer needs are good cabinets. A word of "understanding" will definitely have endless efforts, research, interviews, verification, etc. How to evaluate in reality? I think: I have already paid the deposit. When I find that I have a product that I prefer, the cabinet that is actively replaced can be regarded as a good cabinet.

    “Active replacement” After visiting many stainless steel cabinet terminals, the most satisfactory response from the sales staff has become the norm in the sales of cabinets. In particular, users of the first generation of custom cabinets have been replaced, and the defects of the existing cabinet industry have also been found, and it is more rational to select products again.

    Stainless steel cabinets have all-health 0 formaldehyde, high life, anti-corrosion, waterproof, fireproof, antibacterial and antibacterial industries can not change the advantages of defects, in the just-concluded Milan Design Exhibition three-point world has one of the international influence, stainless steel cabinets It will also gradually become popular in the market.

    Stainless steel cabinets not only use food-grade raw materials, but are simpler and more fashionable in design, giving a man a sunny temperament and forming a perfect mix with the pots and pans of the family kitchen.

    Secondly, the stainless steel raw materials are waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosive, high-life and easy to clean. In the kitchen, there are no traces of oil stains, water stains and even cooking. The place is not the rice oil, but the birds and flowers.

    The last thing to add is that with the slow integration of China's industry and the international market, the development of the stainless steel cabinet industry has entered a high-speed track, whether it is the wood of nature, the deep and romantic of the Mediterranean, the minimalist but applicable modern minimalist style. It has been realized in the production of stainless steel materials. In addition, the inheritance of China's unique "artisan spirit" and the high recognition of stainless steel materials by the people have magnified the development prospects of stainless steel cabinets!