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ANOTHER #WinWithONPASSIVE: Bigger and Better Cash Prizes Await

  • ONPASSIVE is thrilled to announce another round of #WinWithONPASSIVE, offering even bigger cash prizes to lucky participants. With the first contest leaving participants thrilled and excited, this time we are taking it up a notch by exclusively offering cash rewards. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash!

    The cash prize details are as follows:
    1st prize $10,000
    2nd prize $5,000
    3rd prize $3,000
    4th prize $2,000
    5th prize $1,000

    The first contest was a remarkable experience for both the winners and our team at ONPASSIVE. Witnessing the joy and smiles on the faces of the winners during their visit to our offices in Hyderabad was truly heartwarming. Building upon this success, we are determined to make the second contest even grander, with larger cash prizes and more winners.

    Entering the competition is simple, and the rewards are significant. Participants can win cash rewards worth thousands of dollars. The competition is open to all, and we encourage everyone to seize this opportunity. The competition ends on July 31st, so don't wait! Enter now and grab your chance to win an amazing cash prize.

    Follow these 4 simple steps to participate and win:

    STEP 1
    Subscribe to ONPASSIVE's YouTube Channel

    STEP 2
    Like the video shown on our YouTube channel!

    STEP 3
    Comment your O-Mail ID or OES ID located at the top right corner of your OES dashboard!

    STEP 4
    Share the YouTube video on your social media with the hashtag #WinWithONPASSIVE

    For more details on how to participate and enter the contest, visit our website at or follow us on social media for updates and announcements. Join the #WinWithONPASSIVE community and be a part of this exciting journey where dreams can become a reality.

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