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Flutter Video Call: An Ultimate Guide for Developers

  • The communication between two users through video takes place using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The API is responsible for live video calls, which are connected to the internet, and initiates requests to the receiving device. Once the recipient accepts the call, both the audio & video are encoded, and this cycle continues repeatedly. Companies have the opportunity to utilize the video call API for individual and group video calls, file sharing, and audio calls.

    Benefits of Flutter Video Call

    High-Quality Audio and Video: First, it offers high-quality audio and video streaming, ensuring that participants can hear and see each other clearly, even in low-bandwidth or unstable network conditions. This allows for smooth and immersive conversations.

    Real-Time Communication: Secondly, Flutter Video Call enables real-time communication, meaning it happens instantaneously or with a minimal delay between participants’ actions and the corresponding audio & video feedback. This creates a more natural and interactive conversation experience.

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