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How to get yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey

  • Super Mario Odyssey offers players a vast and colorful world to explore, filled with unique challenges and delightful surprises. One iconic character that players can unlock and play as is Yoshi, Mario's loyal dinosaur companion. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey.

        Complete the main story:
        To unlock Yoshi, you must first complete the main story of Super Mario Odyssey. Progress through the game, visit different kingdoms, and defeat the main boss to reach the ending. Enjoy the adventure and storyline that Super Mario Odyssey has to offer.

        Gather Power Moons:
        Power Moons are the key collectible in Super Mario Odyssey. After completing the main story, continue exploring the various kingdoms to find and collect Power Moons. These can be obtained through completing challenges, solving puzzles, and interacting with the environment.

        Visit the Mushroom Kingdom:
        Once you have collected a substantial number of Power Moons, head to the Mushroom Kingdom. The Mushroom Kingdom becomes accessible after completing the main story. Locate the painting that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom in any kingdom and jump into it.

        Find Yoshi's Location:
        Once you arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom, start exploring the familiar landscapes. Look for a special area called Peach's Castle. Make your way towards the castle, and within its courtyard, you will find Yoshi standing on the rooftop.

        Feed Yoshi Power Moons:
        To unlock Yoshi, you need to feed him a specific number of Power Moons. Interact with Yoshi, and he will request a certain number of Power Moons to join you on your adventure. Check how many Power Moons he requires and ensure you have enough collected.

        Collect and Give Power Moons to Yoshi:
        If you have enough Power Moons, present them to Yoshi by selecting the option to give him Power Moons. Watch as Yoshi devours the Power Moons and becomes a playable character. Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey.

        Explore with Yoshi:
        With Yoshi unlocked, you can now enjoy exploring the Mushroom Kingdom and other kingdoms with Mario's dinosaur friend. Yoshi brings his unique abilities to the game, including his iconic flutter jump and the ability to eat enemies and objects.

    Unlocking Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey adds a fun and nostalgic element to your gameplay experience. By completing the main story, collecting Power Moons, and visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, you can find and feed Yoshi the required number of Power Moons to join your adventure. Embrace the joy of playing as Yoshi and continue your journey through Super Mario Odyssey with your new dinosaur companion. Have a fantastic time!

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